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CIA World Factbook
graphs, maps, data, flags, ...; includes YouTube demo
Guide to Fourth Assessment Report of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC AR4)
a guide to the scientific literature behind the last published report of the IPCC
Guide to RealClimate.org
in-depth information about Earth's climate
Guide to Skeptic Arguments at SkepticalScience.com
rebuttals of common climate skeptics' arguments

Eco-resources collection together with the law section have always been my primary motivation behind Zvon.org.

After 15 years of preparations in the field of programming and information management I finally feel ready to contribute some useful ecological, economical, and other materials which should help with better access to freely-available yet underused information about our planet and civilization.

This is the primary development area for Zvon.org in 2011 so the IPCC guide should get a few siblings quite soon.


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