United Nations Convention against Corruption

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United Nations
31 October 2003 (Vienna, Austria)
Entered into force:
14 December 2005
Document source:
promote and strengthen measures to prevent and combat corruption; promote integrity, accountability and proper management of public affairs and public property


Chapter I: General provisions
Article 1: Statement of purpose
Article 2: Use of terms
Article 3: Scope of application
Article 4: Protection of sovereignty
Chapter II: Preventive measures
Article 5: Preventive anti-corruption policies and practices
Article 6: Preventive anti-corruption body or bodies
Article 7: Public sector
Article 8: Codes of conduct for public officials
Article 9: Public procurement and management of public finances
Article 10: Public reporting
Article 11: Measures relating to the judiciary and prosecution services
Article 12: Private sector
Article 13: Participation of society
Article 14: Measures to prevent money-laundering
Chapter III: Criminalization and law enforcement
Article 15: Bribery of national public officials
Article 16: Bribery of foreign public officials and officials of public international organizations
Article 17: Embezzlement, misappropriation or other diversion of property by a public official
Article 18: Trading in influence
Article 19: Abuse of functions
Article 20: Illicit enrichment
Article 21: Bribery in the private sector
Article 22: Embezzlement of property in the private sector
Article 23: Laundering of proceeds of crime
Article 24: Concealment
Article 25: Obstruction of justice
Article 26: Liability of legal persons
Article 27: Participation and attempt
Article 28: Knowledge, intent and purpose as elements of an offence
Article 29: Statute of limitations
Article 30: Prosecution, adjudication and sanctions
Article 31: Freezing, seizure and confiscation
Article 32: Protection of witnesses, experts and victims
Article 33: Protection of reporting persons
Article 34: Consequences of acts of corruption
Article 35: Compensation for damage
Article 36: Specialized authorities
Article 37: Cooperation with law enforcement authorities
Article 38: Cooperation between national authorities
Article 39: Cooperation between national authorities and the private sector
Article 40: Bank secrecy
Article 41: Criminal record
Article 42: Jurisdiction
Chapter IV: International cooperation
Article 43: International cooperation
Article 44: Extradition
Article 45: Transfer of sentenced persons
Article 46: Mutual legal assistance
Article 47: Transfer of criminal proceedings
Article 48: Law enforcement cooperation
Article 49: Joint investigations
Article 50: Special investigative techniques
Chapter V: Asset recovery
Article 51: General provision
Article 52: Prevention and detection of transfers of proceeds of crime
Article 53: Measures for direct recovery of property
Article 54: Mechanisms for recovery of property through international cooperation in confiscation
Article 55: International cooperation for purposes of confiscation
Article 56: Special cooperation
Article 57: Return and disposal of assets
Article 58: Financial intelligence unit
Article 59: Bilateral and multilateral agreements and arrangements
Chapter VI: Technical assistance and information exchange
Article 60: Training and technical assistance
Article 61: Collection, exchange and analysis of information on corruption
Article 62: Other measures: implementation of the Convention through economic development and technical assistance
Chapter VII: Mechanisms for implementation
Article 63: Conference of the States Parties to the Convention
Article 64: Secretariat
Chapter VIII: Final provisions
Article 65: Implementation of the Convention
Article 66: Settlement of disputes
Article 67: Signature, ratification, acceptance, approval and accession
Article 68: Entry into force
Article 69: Amendment
Article 70: Denunciation
Article 71: Depositary and languages
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