ISOTECH Characters and Glyphs

Chapter 6: Entities, Characters and Fonts
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Named MathML Characters, ordered by Name
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NameUnicodeGlyphUnicode NameDescriptionAliases
acd0223FU0223FSINE WAVEac current 
aleph02135U02135ALEF SYMBOL/aleph aleph, Hebrew 
and02227U02227LOGICAL AND/wedge /land B: logical andwedge
And02A53U02A53DOUBLE LOGICAL ANDdbl logical and 
andand02A55U02A55TWO INTERSECTING LOGICAL ANDtwo logical and 
andd02A5CU02A5CLOGICAL AND WITH HORIZONTAL DASHand, horizontal dash 
andslope02A58U02A58SLOPING LARGE ANDsloping large and 
andv02A5AU02A5ALOGICAL AND WITH MIDDLE STEMand with middle stem 
angrt0221FU0221FRIGHT ANGLEright (90 degree) angle 
angsph02222U02222SPHERICAL ANGLE/sphericalangle angle-spherical 
angst0212BU0212BANGSTROM SIGNAngstrom capital A, ring 
ap02248U02248ALMOST EQUAL TO/approx R: approximateTildeTilde, approx
apacir02A6FU02A6FALMOST EQUAL TO WITH CIRCUMFLEX ACCENTapproximate, circumflex accent 
awconint02233U02233ANTICLOCKWISE CONTOUR INTEGRALcontour integral, anti-clockwiseCounterClockwiseContourIntegral
awint02A11U02A11ANTICLOCKWISE INTEGRATIONanti clock-wise integration 
becaus02235U02235BECAUSE/because R: becausebecause, Because
bernou0212CU0212CSCRIPT CAPITAL BBernoulli function (script capital B) Bernoullis
bne0003D-020E5U0003D-020E5REVERSE NOT EQUALreverse not equal 
bnequiv02261-020E5U02261-020E5REVERSE NOT EQUIVALENTreverse not equivalent 
bnot02310U02310REVERSED NOT SIGNreverse not 
bNot02AEDU02AEDREVERSED DOUBLE STROKE NOT SIGNreverse not with two horizontal strokes 
bottom022A5U022A5UP TACK/bot bottombot, UpTee
cap02229U02229INTERSECTION/cap B: intersection 
Cconint02230U02230VOLUME INTEGRALtriple contour integral operator 
cirfnint02A10U02A10CIRCULATION FUNCTIONcirculation function 
compfn02218U02218RING OPERATOR/circ B: composite function (small circle)SmallCircle
cong02245U02245APPROXIMATELY EQUAL TO/cong R: congruent withTildeFullEqual
conint0222EU0222ECONTOUR INTEGRAL/oint L: contour integral operatoroint, ContourIntegral
Conint0222FU0222FSURFACE INTEGRALdouble contour integral operatorDoubleContourIntegral
ctdot022EFU022EFMIDLINE HORIZONTAL ELLIPSIS/cdots, three dots, centered 
cup0222AU0222AUNION/cup B: union or logical sum 
cwconint02232U02232CLOCKWISE CONTOUR INTEGRALcontour integral, clockwiseClockwiseContourIntegral
cwint02231U02231CLOCKWISE INTEGRALclockwise integral 
disin022F2U022F2ELEMENT OF WITH LONG HORIZONTAL STROKEset membership, long horizontal stroke 
Dot000A8U000A8DIAERESISdieresis or umlaut markDoubleDot
DotDot020DCU020DCCOMBINING FOUR DOTS ABOVEfour dots above 
dsol029F6U029F6SOLIDUS WITH OVERBARsolidus, bar above 
dtdot022F1U022F1DOWN RIGHT DIAGONAL ELLIPSIS/ddots, three dots, descending 
dwangle029A6U029A6OBLIQUE ANGLE OPENING UPlarge downward pointing angle 
epar022D5U022D5EQUAL AND PARALLEL TOparallel, equal; equal or parallel 
eparsl029E3U029E3EQUALS SIGN AND SLANTED PARALLELparallel, slanted, equal; homothetically congruent to 
equiv02261U02261IDENTICAL TO/equiv R: identical withCongruent
eqvparsl029E5U029E5IDENTICAL TO AND SLANTED PARALLELequivalent, equal; congruent and parallel 
exist02203U02203THERE EXISTS/exists at least one existsExists
fnof00192U00192LATIN SMALL LETTER F WITH HOOKfunction of (italic small f) 
forall02200U02200FOR ALL/forall for allForAll
fpartint02A0DU02A0DFINITE PART INTEGRALfinite part integral 
ge02265U02265GREATER-THAN OR EQUAL TO/geq /ge R: greater-than-or-equalGreaterEqual, geq
hamilt0210BU0210BSCRIPT CAPITAL HHamiltonian (script capital H) HilbertSpace
iff021D4xxU021D4xxIF AND ONLY IF/iff if and only if  
iinfin029DCU029DCINCOMPLETE INFINITYinfinity sign, incomplete 
infin0221EU0221EINFINITY/infty infinity 
int0222BU0222BINTEGRAL/int L: integral operatorIntegral
Int0222CU0222CDOUBLE INTEGRALdouble integral operator 
intlarhk02A17U02A17INTEGRAL WITH LEFTWARDS ARROW WITH HOOKintegral, left arrow with hook 
isin02208U02208ELEMENT OF/in R: set membership Element, in
isindot022F5U022F5ELEMENT OF WITH DOT ABOVEset membership, dot above 
isinE022F9U022F9ELEMENT OF WITH TWO HORIZONTAL STROKESset membership, two horizontal strokes 
isins022F4U022F4SMALL ELEMENT OF WITH VERTICAL BAR AT END OF HORIZONTAL STROKEset membership, vertical bar on horizontal stroke 
isinsv022F3U022F3ELEMENT OF WITH VERTICAL BAR AT END OF HORIZONTAL STROKElarge set membership, vertical bar on horizontal stroke 
isinv02208U02208ELEMENT OFset membership, variantElement, in
lagran02112U02112SCRIPT CAPITAL LLagrangian (script capital L) Laplacetrf
lang02329U02329LEFT-POINTING ANGLE BRACKET/langle O: left angle bracketLeftAngleBracket, langle
Lang0300AU0300ALEFT DOUBLE ANGLE BRACKETleft angle bracket, double 
lArr021D0U021D0LEFTWARDS DOUBLE ARROW/Leftarrow A: is implied byLeftarrow, DoubleLeftArrow
lbbrk03014U03014LEFT TORTOISE SHELL BRACKETleft broken bracket 
le02264U02264LESS-THAN OR EQUAL TO/leq /le R: less-than-or-equalleq
loang03018U03018LEFT WHITE TORTOISE SHELL BRACKETleft open angular bracket 
lobrk0301AU0301ALEFT WHITE SQUARE BRACKETleft open bracketLeftDoubleBracket
lopar02985xU02985xLEFT OPEN PARENTHESISleft open parenthesis 
lowast02217U02217ASTERISK OPERATORlow asterisk 
minus02212U02212MINUS SIGNB: minus sign 
mnplus02213U02213MINUS-OR-PLUS SIGN/mp B: minus-or-plus signmp, MinusPlus
nabla02207U02207NABLA/nabla del, Hamilton operatorDel
ne02260U02260NOT EQUAL TO/ne /neq R: not equalNotEqual
nedot02260-0FE00U02260-0FE00NOT EQUAL, DOTnot equal, dot 
nhpar02AF2U02AF2PARALLEL WITH HORIZONTAL STROKEnot, horizontal, parallel 
ni0220BU0220BCONTAINS AS MEMBER/ni /owns R: containsReverseElement, SuchThat
nis022FCU022FCSMALL CONTAINS WITH VERTICAL BAR AT END OF HORIZONTAL STROKEcontains, vertical bar on horizontal stroke 
nisd022FAU022FACONTAINS WITH LONG HORIZONTAL STROKEcontains, long horizontal stroke 
niv0220BU0220BCONTAINS AS MEMBERcontains, variantReverseElement, SuchThat
Not02AECU02AECDOUBLE STROKE NOT SIGNnot with two horizontal strokes 
notin02209U02209NOT AN ELEMENT OF/notin N: negated set membershipNotElement
notindot022F6-0FE00U022F6-0FE00NEGATED SET MEMBERSHIP, DOT ABOVEnegated set membership, dot above 
notinva02209-00338U02209-00338NEGATED SET MEMBERSHIP, VARIANTnegated set membership, variant 
notinvb022F7U022F7SMALL ELEMENT OF WITH OVERBARnegated set membership, variant 
notinvc022F6U022F6ELEMENT OF WITH OVERBARnegated set membership, variant 
notni0220CU0220CDOES NOT CONTAIN AS MEMBERnegated containsNotReverseElement
notniva0220CU0220CDOES NOT CONTAIN AS MEMBERnegated contains, variantNotReverseElement
notnivb022FEU022FESMALL CONTAINS WITH OVERBARcontains, variant 
notnivc022FDU022FDCONTAINS WITH OVERBARcontains, variant 
nparsl02225-0FE00-020E5U02225-0FE00-020E5NOT PARALLEL, SLANTEDnot parallel, slanted 
npart02202-00338U02202-00338NOT PARTIAL DIFFERENTIALnot partial differential 
npolint02A14U02A14LINE INTEGRATION NOT INCLUDING THE POLEline integration, not including the pole 
nvinfin029DEU029DEINFINITY NEGATED WITH VERTICAL BARnot, vert, infinity 
olcross029BBU029BBCIRCLE WITH SUPERIMPOSED Xcircle, cross 
or02228U02228LOGICAL OR/vee /lor B: logical orvee
Or02A54U02A54DOUBLE LOGICAL ORdbl logical or 
ord02A5DU02A5DLOGICAL OR WITH HORIZONTAL DASHor, horizontal dash 
order02134U02134SCRIPT SMALL Oorder of (script small o) orderof
oror02A56U02A56TWO INTERSECTING LOGICAL ORtwo logical or 
orslope02A57U02A57SLOPING LARGE ORsloping large or 
orv02A5BU02A5BLOGICAL OR WITH MIDDLE STEMor with middle stem 
par02225U02225PARALLEL TO/parallel R: parallelparallel, DoubleVerticalBar
parsl02225-0FE00xU02225-0FE00xPARALLEL, SLANTEDparallel, slanted 
part02202U02202PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL/partial partial differentialPartialD
permil02030U02030PER MILLE SIGNper thousand 
perp022A5U022A5UP TACK/perp R: perpendicularbot, UpTee
pertenk02031U02031PER TEN THOUSAND SIGNper 10 thousand 
phmmat02133U02133SCRIPT CAPITAL Mphysics M-matrix (script capital M) Mellintrf
pointint02A15U02A15INTEGRAL AROUND A POINT OPERATORintegral around a point operator 
prime02032U02032PRIME/prime prime or minute 
Prime02033U02033DOUBLE PRIMEdouble prime or second 
profalar0232EU0232EALL AROUND-PROFILEall-around profile 
profline02312U02312ARCprofile of a line 
profsurf02313U02313SEGMENTprofile of a surface 
prop0221DU0221DPROPORTIONAL TO/propto R: is proportional topropto, Proportional, varpropto
qint02A0CU02A0CQUADRUPLE INTEGRAL OPERATOR/iiiint quadruple integral operatoriiiint
qprime02057U02057QUADRUPLE PRIMEquadruple prime 
quatint02A16U02A16QUATERNION INTEGRAL OPERATORquaternion integral operator 
radic0221AU0221ASQUARE ROOT/surd radicalSqrt
rang0232AU0232ARIGHT-POINTING ANGLE BRACKET/rangle C: right angle bracketRightAngleBracket, rangle
Rang0300BU0300BRIGHT DOUBLE ANGLE BRACKETright angle bracket, double 
rArr021D2U021D2RIGHTWARDS DOUBLE ARROW/Rightarrow A: impliesRightarrow, Implies, DoubleRightArrow
rbbrk03015U03015RIGHT TORTOISE SHELL BRACKETright broken bracket 
roang03019U03019RIGHT WHITE TORTOISE SHELL BRACKETright open angular bracket 
robrk0301BU0301BRIGHT WHITE SQUARE BRACKETright open bracketRightDoubleBracket
ropar02986xU02986xRIGHT OPEN PARENTHESISright open parenthesis 
rppolint02A12U02A12LINE INTEGRATION WITH RECTANGULAR PATH AROUND POLEline integration, rectangular path around pole 
scpolint02A13U02A13LINE INTEGRATION WITH SEMICIRCULAR PATH AROUND POLEline integration, semi-circular path around pole 
sim0223CU0223CTILDE OPERATOR/sim R: similarTilde
sime02243U02243ASYMPTOTICALLY EQUAL TO/simeq R: similar, equalsTildeEqual, simeq
smeparsl029E4U029E4EQUALS SIGN AND SLANTED PARALLEL WITH TILDE ABOVEsimilar, parallel, slanted, equal 
square025A1U025A1WHITE SQUARE/square, squareSquare
squarf025AAU025AABLACK SMALL SQUARE/blacksquare, square, filled blacksquare
sub02282U02282SUBSET OF/subset R: subset or is implied bysubset
sube02286U02286SUBSET OF OR EQUAL TO/subseteq R: subset, equalssubseteqq, SubsetEqual, subseteq
sup02283U02283SUPERSET OF/supset R: superset or impliessupset, Superset
supe02287U02287SUPERSET OF OR EQUAL TO/supseteq R: superset, equalssupseteqq, supseteq, SupersetEqual
tdot020DBU020DBCOMBINING THREE DOTS ABOVEthree dots aboveTripleDot
there402234U02234THEREFORE/therefore R: thereforetherefore, Therefore
tint0222DU0222DTRIPLE INTEGRAL/iiint triple integral operatoriiint
top022A4U022A4DOWN TACK/top topDownTee
topbot02336U02336APL FUNCTIONAL SYMBOL I-BEAMtop and bottom 
topcir02AF1U02AF1DOWN TACK WITH CIRCLE BELOWtop, circle below 
tprime02034U02034TRIPLE PRIMEtriple prime 
utdot022F0U022F0UP RIGHT DIAGONAL ELLIPSISthree dots, ascending 
uwangle029A7U029A7OBLIQUE ANGLE OPENING DOWNlarge upward pointing angle 
vangrt022BEU022BERIGHT ANGLE WITH ARCright angle, variant 
veeeq0225AU0225AEQUIANGULAR TOlogical or, equals 
Verbar02016U02016DOUBLE VERTICAL LINE/Vert dbl vertical barVert
wedgeq02259U02259ESTIMATES/wedgeq R: corresponds to (wedge, equals) 
xnis022FBU022FBCONTAINS WITH VERTICAL BAR AT END OF HORIZONTAL STROKElarge contains, vertical bar on horizontal stroke