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Element: <with-param>

attributes: name, select
Standard excerpt:
Parameters are passed to templates using the xsl:with-param element. The required name attribute specifies the name of the parameter (the variable the value of whose binding is to be replaced). The value of the name attribute is a QName, which is expanded as described in [2.4 Qualified Names]. xsl:with-param is allowed within both xsl:call-template and xsl:apply-templates. The value of the parameter is specified in the same way as for xsl:variable and xsl:param. The current node and current node list used for computing the value specified by xsl:with-param element is the same as that used for the xsl:apply-templates or xsl:call-template element within which it occurs. It is not an error to pass a parameter x to a template that does not have an xsl:param element for x; the parameter is simply ignored. Examples (xslt:xml): Overview

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