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recurringDuration represents a timeDuration that recurs with a specific timeDuration starting from a specific origin. The order-relation on timeDuration is: x < y iff y - x is positive. A single lexical representation, which is a subset of the lexical representations allowed by [ISO 8601], is allowed for recurringDuration. This lexical representation is the [ISO 8601] extended format CCYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sss where "CC" represents the century, "YY" the year, "MM" the month and "DD" the day, preceded by an optional leading sign to indicate a negative number. If the sign is omitted, "+" is assumed. The letter "T" is the date/time separator and "hh", "mm", "ss.sss" represent hour, minute and second respectively. Additional digits can be used to increase the precision of fractional seconds if desired. To accommodate year values greater than 9999 additional digits can be added to the left of this representation. This representation can be immediately followed by a "Z" to indicate Coordinated Universal Time. To indicate the time zone, i.e. the difference between the local time and Coordinated Universal Time, the difference immediately follows the time and consists of a sign, + or -, followed by hh:mm.


see the Zvon reference: Numeric representation of dates and times (based on ISO 8601)