Convention on Biological Diversity

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United Nations
5 June 1992 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Entered into force:
29 December 1993
Document source:
the conservation of biological diversity, the sustainable use of its components and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits


Article 1: Objectives
Article 2: Use of Terms
Article 3: Principle
Article 4: Juridictional Scope
Article 5: Cooperation
Article 6: General Measures for Conservation and Sustainable Use
Article 7: Identification and Monitoring
Article 8: In-situ Conservation
Article 9: Ex-situ Conservation
Article 10: Sustainable Use of Components of Biological Diversity
Article 11: Incentive Measures
Article 12: Research and Training
Article 13: Public Education and Awareness
Article 14: Impact Assessment and Minimizing Adverse Impacts
Article 15: Access to Genetic Resources
Article 16: Access to and Transfer of technology
Article 17: Exchange of Information
Article 18: Technical and Scientific Cooperation
Article 19: Handling of Biotechnology and Distribution of its Benefits
Article 20: Financial Resources
Article 21: Financial Mechanism
Article 22: Relationship with Other International Conventions
Article 23: Conference of the Parties
Article 24: Secretariat
Article 25: Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice
Article 26: Reports
Article 27: Settlement of Disputes
Article 28: Adoption of Protocols
Article 29: Amendment of the Convention or Protocols
Article 30: Adoption and Amendment of Annexes
Article 31: Right to Vote
Article 32: Relationship between this Convention and Its Protocols
Article 33: Signature
Article 34: Ratification, Acceptance or Approval
Article 35: Accession
Article 36: Entry Into Force
Article 37: Reservations
Article 38: Withdrawals
Article 39: Financial Interim Arrangements
Article 40: Secretariat Interim Arrangements
Article 41: Depositary
Article 42: Authentic texts
Article Annex_I: Identification and Monitoring
Article Annex_II-Part_1: Arbitration
Article Annex_II-Part_2: Conciliation
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