Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals

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United Nations
23 June 1979 (Bonn, Germany)
Entered into force:
1 November 1983
Document source:
acknowledge the importance of migratory species being conserved and of Range States agreeing to take action to this end whenever possible and appropriate


Article I: Interpretation
Article II: Fundamental Principles
Article III: Endangered Migratory Species: Appendix I
Article IV: Migratory Species to be the Subject of Agreements: Appendix II
Article V: Guidelines for Agreements
Article VI: Range States
Article VII: The Conference of the Parties
Article VIII: The Scientific Council
Article IX: The Secretariat
Article X: Amendment of the Convention
Article XI: Amendment of the Appendices
Article XII: Effect on International Conventions and Other Legislation
Article XIII: Settlement of Disputes
Article XIV: Reservations
Article XV: Signature
Article XVI: Ratification, Acceptance, Approval
Article XVII: Accession
Article XVIII: Entry into Force
Article XIX: Denunciation
Article XX: Depositary
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