The 1985 Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer

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United Nations
22 March 1985 (Vienna, Austria)
Entered into force:
22 September 1988
Document source:
protect human health and the environment against adverse effects resulting from modifications of the ozone layer


Article 1: Definitions
Article 2: General obligations
Article 3: Research and systematic observations
Article 4: Co-operation in the legal, scientific and technical fields
Article 5: Transmission of information
Article 6: Conference of the Parties
Article 7: Secretariat
Article 8: Adoption of protocols
Article 9: Amendments of the Convention or protocols
Article 10: Adoption and amendment of annexes
Article 11: Settlement of disputes
Article 12: Signature
Article 13: Ratification, acceptance or approval
Article 14: Accession
Article 15: Right to vote
Article 16: Relationship between the Convention and its protocols
Article 17: Entry into force
Article 18: Reservations
Article 19: Withdrawal
Article 20: Depositary
Article 21: Authentic texts
Article Annex_I: Research and systematic observations
Article Annex_II: Information exchange
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