XPath 2.0 Reference

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The reference is based on W3C recommendations XML Path Language (XPath) 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Functions and Operators. Both texts and examples has been extracted from these recommendations.

Standard excerpt:
XPath 2.0 is an expression language that allows the processing of values conforming to the data model defined in XQuery/XPath Data Model (XDM). The data model provides a tree representation of XML documents as well as atomic values such as integers, strings, and booleans, and sequences that may contain both references to nodes in an XML document and atomic values. The result of an XPath expression may be a selection of nodes from the input documents, or an atomic value, or more generally, any sequence allowed by the data model. The name of the language derives from its most distinctive feature, the path expression, which provides a means of hierarchic addressing of the nodes in an XML tree. XPath 2.0 is a superset of XPath 1.0, with the added capability to support a richer set of data types, and to take advantage of the type information that becomes available when documents are validated using XML Schema.

The usage of the W3C standards is covered by W3C DOCUMENT LICENSE.

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Prepared by:
  • Miloslav Nic (Mila)
  • Ctibor Skuta

XPath 2.0 Reference

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