Convention on Assistance in the Case of a Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency

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United Nations
26 September 1986 (Vienna, Austria)
Entered into force:
26 February 1987
Document source:
prompt assistance in the event of a nuclear accident or radiological emergency to minimize its consequences and to protect life, property and the environment from the effects of radioactive releases


Article 1: General provisions
Article 2: Provision of assistance
Article 3: Direction and control of assistance
Article 4: Competent authorities and points of contact
Article 5: Functions of the Agency
Article 6: Confidentiality and public statements
Article 7: Reimbursement of costs
Article 8: Privileges, immunities and facilities
Article 9: Transit of personnel, equipment and property
Article 10: Claims and compensation
Article 11: Termination of assistance
Article 12: Relationship to other international agreements
Article 13: Settlement of disputes
Article 14: Entry into force
Article 15: Provisional application
Article 16: Amendments
Article 17: Denunciation
Article 18: Depositary
Article 19: Authentic texts and certified copies
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