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Module: System
Function: exitWith
Type: ExitCode -> IO a
Description: Computation exitWith code terminates the program, returning code to the program's caller. Before the program terminates, any open or semi-closed handles are first closed. The caller may interpret the return code as it wishes, but the program should return ExitSuccess to mean normal completion, and ExitFailure n to mean that the program encountered a problem from which it could not recover. exitWith bypasses the error handling in the I/O monad and cannot be intercepted by catch.
Related: exitFailure

Example 1

Input: exitWith ExitSuccess

Output: <<IO action>>

Example 2
Program source: 

import System

main = aaa 1

aaa 10 = exitWith ExitSuccess
aaa x  = do putStr (show x)
	    aaa (x+1)

Output: 123456789