TEI - verison 5 - Lite Reference

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TEI: Text Encoding Initiative is a consortium which collectively develops and maintains a standard for the representation of texts in digital form, described in TEI Guidelines.

TEI Lite is "a specific customization of the TEI tagset, designed to meet "90% of the needs of 90% of the TEI user community". Due to its simplicity and the fact that it can be learned with relative ease, TEI Lite has been widely adopted, particularly by beginners and by big institutional projects that rely on large teams of encoders to markup their documents."

The reference is based on DTD created with TEI Roma generator.

Standard excerption:
P5, the current version of the TEI Guidelines, was officially released on November 1, 2007. P5 is a major revision of the Guidelines that offers many new and improved features.

Zvon contains other TEI related materials.

Prepared by: Miloslav Nic (Mila)

TEI - verison 5 - Lite Reference

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